K2 Systems and SMA integrate planning and design

1/15/20, 8:03 AM -

The new planning software from K2 Systems now has a direct interface to the Sunny Design design tool from SMA.

K2 Systems and SMA integrate planning and design
Not having to enter the same data multiple times can save a lot of time.

This makes it even easier to plan solar systems, covering everything from roof installation to electrical system design. The networking of the mechanical and electrical planning of solar systems eliminates the necessity to enter data several times and thus significantly reduces the planning effort.

And this is how it works: First, the user designs the mounting system that best matches the requirements in five steps using the Base software. In the last step, Summary, the user can click on the K2+ icon to send the entered project data directly to the SMA planning tool Sunny Design and can then immediately start planning the electrical and thermal simulation of the energy systems. The only requirement is a user account for both K2 Base and Sunny Design. (mfo)