Energy for all from a new EMS

1/21/20, 8:04 AM -

IBC Solar expand their portfolio to include the smart energy platform efa:home. Presented for the first time at Intersolar 2019 last year, it has been available since last autumn.

Energy for all from a new EMS
The energy management system efa:home is IBC Solar’s latest addition to the product family.

efa stands for "energy for all". The efa:home energy platform is flexible and adapts to the individual needs of the customer. The system is manufacturer-independent, multi-sector and individually expandable. Thus efa:home can be cleverly integrated with inverters, storage units, heat pumps and charging infrastructures for electric mobility from various manufacturers. New products can be integrated into the EMS at any time. In combination with the corresponding app, the customer can always keep an eye on all information. A service portal for installers also allows access to all relevant data.

efa:home can be combined with the high-voltage storage system era:powerbase for maximum use of the self-produced solar power. The capacity of the storage unit can be expanded from 7.5 to 15.0 kilowatt hours. IBC Solar also offers a certified green electricity tariff for 100% green power supply and maximum independence from fossil fuels. The efa:fair tariff is tailored to the customer's consumption and reduces the electricity costs when drawing electricity from the public grid. (mfo)