Topic of the Week: Monitoring (Part 4): Reliably monitor your string

4/2/20, 5:14 PM -

The ABB Technology Group has developed an electricity metering system for photovoltaic systems.

Reliably monitor your string
The CMS 660: a smart and space-saving solution for solar installations.

The CMS 660 detects disturbances and negative effects such as leaves or dirt on the modules. But also a cable break that could otherwise result in system failures and life-threatening injuries. CMS stands for Circuit Monitoring Systems. These are multi-channel measuring systems that monitor the final circuit of electrical installations. The systems consist of a processing unit and sensors with different ranges of measurement and installation variants. ABB say that the CMS 660 is a smart and space-saving solution for solar installations.

The smarter E 2020 in Munich has been cancelled, but the videos from our 2019 pv Guided Tours are still online.

The new generation of open-core sensors can be fitted to new or existing installations. The CMS 660 can thus record and integrate the current of each sensor as well as critical information from surge protection devices, circuit breakers and temperature probes. The string monitoring can be scaled to up to 32 strings at 1,000 volts and 1,500 volts DC, with readings per string reaching 20, 40 or 80 amps, depending on requirements. (mfo)

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