Topic of the Week: Monitoring (Part 3): App-based monitoring

4/1/20, 5:06 PM -

With the Kostal Solar App, solar systems can be monitored on the go or from home using a smartphone or tablet.

App-based monitoring by Kostal
The app creates a virtual connection between your inverter and your smart phone.

Kostal's free Solar App provides professional monitoring for your photovoltaic system. It displays relevant system parameters, such as consumption and generation data covering various time periods such as a day, week, month and year as well as past system data. This allows users to see from anywhere how much energy is currently being generated and consumed and to compare the data points with one another.

The app's monitoring also includes how much energy is stored in the battery and the composition of the PV and battery when it comes the user's self-consumption.

Latest news:
The smarter E 2020 has been cancelled

Even if no battery is available yet, an individual forecast of the self-consumption if there were a battery can be calculated. Another extension shows an overview for how many kilometres an electric car could drive or for how long it would be possible to shower with the generated energy using a heat pump. The app is available for both Android and iOS. (mfo)

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