PV Monitoring: Keep an eye on your installation from anywhere

3/13/19, 8:03 AM -

The app Solar-Log Web Enerest provides better monitoring of PV systems. SDS have updated the app to include a variety of new features.

PV Monitoring: Keep an eye on your installation from anywhere
Keep track of where your electricity is going and what it is doing in real time.

The new Solar-Log Web Enerest app by Solare Datensysteme (SDS) offers the possibility to always and everywhere keep an eye on the yield of a photovoltaic system. This enables operators to quickly and easily access the relevant information on the status of their systems. The data of the solar systems are transferred directly to the app from the Enerest online portal. This means that the user always has it within reach. According to SDS, the update to version 1.2.0 of the app adds further innovative features.
In addition to the current production yield, system operators can see what is happening to the electricity they produce in real time with the aid of the energy flow feature. The nominal line in the balance chart determines for each month how much of the annually forecast electricity yield a system should produce. This allows a quick and detailed determination of how good the performance of the plant was in any given month. SDS say that the display of up to ten inverters, including their production values, enables rapid fault detection. (nhp/mfo)
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