Mondas: New monitoring software

4/16/19, 8:02 AM -

The Mondas monitoring software records all relevant plant data such as operating temperatures, runtimes or number of revolutions.

Mondas: New monitoring software
The Gutleutmatten project in Freiburg is an example of how the Mondas software can work.

The software analyses this data practically in real time, and in case of a critical operating condition the system sends the error analysis to the customer. This significantly reduces the frequency of downtimes, and maintenance trips can be saved or carried out more efficiently. One advantage: The software has interfaces to many formats, bus systems and protocols and can therefore be flexibly used.

By founding the young company Mondas, Fraunhofer ISE is tapping into the trend towards digitisation in the industry. The software has already been successfully tested. In Freiburg's PlusEnergy quarter Gutleutmatten, for example, 45 buildings with their own solar thermal systems on the roof are connected to the system platform. Mondas monitors the operation and helps to develop solar-optimised storage strategies. The CHP planner and operator Enerquinn in Weingarten uses it to monitor the CHP plants he has built. On the Mondas website, users can register for a free online demo. (mfo)

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