KACO’s new monitoring portal for solar PV systems

2/4/19, 8:01 AM -

KACO new energy has relaunched its Internet portal for the remote monitoring of solar PV systems in December 2018. This portal also comes with a free mobile app and has been given a new name: blueplanet web.

KACO’s new monitoring portal for solar PV systems
Redesigned and with a new name: bleuplanet web

KACO new energy GmbH has redesigned its monitoring portal. It allows operators of PV systems to recognise and quickly react to signs of unexpected yield loss. This makes it even easier for customers to keep track of the performance of their installation at all times and from anywhere. Part of the redesign was also a new name: What used to be known as Powador-web, is now blueplanet web.
KACO new energy’s PV system monitoring is still available in two versions: a full ‘pro’ version and a free ‘public’ version. What is new is that blueplanet web public comes free of charge for solar arrays up to an output of 100 kWp; this applies to new registrations from 1 December 2018. The company also plans to integrate an alarm function that sends automatic notifications in case of irregularities.
In addition to a modern look that promises enhanced data digest, blueplanet web offers an up to date mobile app for iOS and Android. This allows remote monitoring both from the desktop computer and from anywhere with a tablet or smartphone. For installing companies and providers of maintenance services it is possible to have all of their customers’ PV systems in one place, and therefore make servicing that much more efficient. (mfo)


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