Safety for working on any roof

2/4/20, 8:03 AM -

A workplace on top of a roof should provide not only a wonderful view but above all safety, preventing anyone from falling off.

Safety for working on any roof
Inclining the railing inwards, makes it nearly invisible from ground level.

During the construction phase of a building the scaffolding provides security for all workers. However, once the scaffolding has been removed, proper fall protection measures have to be implemented for all subsequent works on the roof. Every flat roof has to be accessed for maintenance purposes, even if the roof is only covered in gravel. And since flat roofs are commonly put to good use, including installation of ventilation, air-conditioning, photovoltaic or transmission equipment, this is very important.

Experience shows that, in practice, single anchor points are hardly ever used for fall arrest systems and that the trend, therefore, is clearly towards collective protection systems. With their new Fallnet Safety Railing ASG, ZinCo are offering permanent protection for everyone. The safety railing made of aluminium is easily and quickly installed and does not require roof penetration.

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Here is a solar mounting system for green roofs.

Installation involves laying the upright posts of the railing structure onto the protective layer at intervals of max. 2.60 m. The weight of a 'normal' extensive green roof (80 kg/m² dry weight) is generally sufficient. The system can be easily adapted to suit the roof conditions. The special feature of the Fallnet Safety Railing ASG is that it can be installed in a vertical position or sloped at an angle of 67.5 degrees, without going below the required minimum railing height of 1.00 m. This inclined position also creates a visually pleasing roof finish. Depending on the viewing angle, the railing may not be visible from below, a clear advantage for the aesthetics of the building. The Fallnet Safety Railing ASG which has been tested and certified by Dekra. (mfo)