HyCleaner presents semi-automatic cleaning system Black Solar for roofs up to 35 degree inclination angle

5/17/16, 11:00 AM -

Black Solar is a semi-automatic cleaning system. It can be used on different photovoltaic installations with a maximum inclination angle of 35 degree. This depends of cause on the surface condition and the degree of soiling, too.

The robot works by remote control as a semi-automatic unit.

The machine of HyCleaner is operated via a radio-remote-control, which allows precise operation and handling – without any physical stress for the machine’s operator and signs of fatigue. It guarantees safe working conditions: Thanks to the radio-remote-control, stepping onto the roof or even onto the sensitive photovoltaic modules is not necessary. Moreover the machine is convincing with a fast cleaning result, depending on the installation the performance is between 400 and 800 square meter per hour.

Gaps can be overcome easily

The driving pads are made out of an anti-slip material and guarantee optimal grip. If necessary, it is also possible to secure the machine additionally by means of a rope. However, this will not disturb the machine’s function and operation. Black Solar has seven fastening points, which allow flexible working. The surface load is significantly below the allowed snow and wind loads for photovoltaic panels. Gaps like maintenance walkways up to 30 centimetres can be overcome easily. (HS)

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