Better cleaning combined with fault detection

11/5/19, 8:00 AM -

Sunbrush mobil has new brush that not only works better with tracking systems, but also helps in detecting possible faults.

Better cleaning combined with fault detection
The X500 can clean protruding parts just like the brushes of a car wash avoid the wing mirrors.

In contrast to linear and fixed ground-mounted substructures, cleaning tracking systems has always been considered to be difficult. This is due to them often having pivot bearings that extend beyond the module surface. This imposes limitations on conventional cleaning systems because they block or damage them and the quality of cleaning comes down and the workload goes up.

With the new X500 brush from Sunbrush mobil, solar park operators now have a cleaning solution that can be flexibly adjusted both horizontally and vertically. Thanks to the newly designed brush geometry, the X500 can clean swivel bearings or protruding gearing parts without interruption by automatically adjusting the brush pressure to ensure uniform cleaning performance. Similar to how the side mirror is cleaned in a car wash, the X500 has an enlarged brush diameter, which allows obstacles to be easily overcome and cleaned.

Sunbrush mobil has also optimised its diagnostic and monitoring system. This is a thermal imaging camera that can be retrofitted at the upper end of the cleaning arm to thermographically check that modules are functioning properly and performing well. The system, which has been available for around four years, is now able to detect and transmit faults even more accurately and quickly thanks to the further development of the software and better fine-tuning of the individual components. Via the cloud and a smart image processing algorithm, the computer also searches for hot spots, string errors and other module defects and compiles the collected results in comparable performance and damage profiles. (mfo)