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Solarwatt is seeing strengthened demand for its products in Sweden. What’s driving this growth is a combination of factors – generally high quality standards, industry-leading warranties, and all-round reliability of products and partners, shown by the recent cooperation agreement with Fronius. But there’s also another factor – the changing mentality of the market , says Solarwatt International Sales Manager Pol Spronck.

Swedish customers prefer high quality solar modules, Solarwatt is reporting growing business in the country.
Swedish customers prefer high quality solar modules, Solarwatt is reporting growing business in the country.

Spronck is excited about Sweden.  “We see our solar modules chosen for installation in all kind of situations where traditionally alternatives from outside Europe were used instead,” he said. “Buyers are increasingly making their decisions based on long term-benefits such as higher yield over a lifetime rather than short payback times.

Expected sales of 8 MW solar modules in 2017

“This changing mindset works in our favor as Solarwatt modules excel in high yields during the longest lifetimes. In the remainder of 2017, we expect to supply one and a half times what we achieved in the first half. The best is yet to come.” Solarwatt predicts it will have sold at least eight megawatts of solar panels in Sweden by end December.

Farmers like ammonia-resistant glass-glass solar panels

Demand for quality solar products is high in all segments, says Spronck. Agricultural customers often choose Solarwatt’s ammonia-resistant glass-glass solar modules. Thomas Gustafsson, CEO of Hallands Energiutveckling, said: “Farmers are entrepreneurs, family business owners who value the wellbeing and prosperity of the next generation. With metal sheet roofs heating up quite a bit in the summer, Solarwatt glass-glass panels are the ultimate solution with the highest yield as well with the longest life time.”

30-year warranties

Increasingly, the wider commercial sector also prefers the quality of German-made products, backed by 30-year warranties and long-life high performance and efficiency. “The market in Sweden is growing each year and we see an increasing demand for German produced PV-modules since they are synonymous with high quality and technical know-how,” said Daniel Karlsson, Executive Vice President, Purchasing at Ecokraft in Eskilstuna.

Pol Spronck added: “These requirements are increasingly included in tenders, and I think this shows a real change in how the market is responding to innovation in the PV sector. Solarwatt is very well positioned. Carbon footprint, sustainability and recycling policies are mentioned more often in these legal tenders. Good companies want to fulfil their environmental responsibilities, and they want to be seen as doing so too.”

Gustafsson has for years been telling his customers about Solarwatt and the benefits of its glass-glass panels, with their longevity and technical superiority. Now the market is really picking up on the message and is taking off, he says.

Service as an asset

Karlsson cited the service and reliability of Solarwatt as factors in their growth in Sweden. “We recently had one panel damaged during transport. Solarwatt stands out since they handle all claims smoothly and rapidly and replaced the damaged modules without any hassle. Since the modules have to be transported and often loaded and unloaded several times, the risk of transport damage is quite high,” he said.

 “Knowing we can rely on our supply partner in these situations is very important to us. Actions are more important than words. The all risk insurance is the cherry on the cake,” added Karlsson.

Solarwatt partners can offer 100% piece of mind by combining the German company’s superior-quality products  with their own installation expertise and solid market presence.

Ecokraft is expanding in several regions in Sweden and Hallands Energiutveckling has announced additional offices in the Vetlanda area to address growing demand for its reliable solutions based on many years’ experience.

Positive synergy effects of the cooperation with Fronius

Spronck also stressed the ‘positive synergy’ effects of the new cooperation with the Austrian inverter manufacturer Fronius, especially in the residential and small commercial market. “Both brands match perfectly due to high quality standards,” he said.

The Solarwatt All Risk insurance includes five years premium-free, with glass-glass panels cover on inverters as well, already leading to growing sales of complete packages and systems.

“We work together not only selling each other’s products, but also in product development and R&D”, he said. Despite high demand, prices for Solarwatt`s solar panels have remained stable since early spring, says Spronck. (HCN)

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