Solarwatt extends warranty conditions for dual-glass solar modules in UK and Ireland

3/15/17, 11:25 AM -

Solarwatt has introduced a 30-year guarantee on both product and performance for its premium photovoltaic modules in the UK and Ireland. This offering is currently unmatched in the solar sector according to the company.

Solarwatt offers high quality solar glass-glass modules.
Solarwatt bunks on quality and extended its product and performance warranties for its glass-glass solar modules in UK and Ireland.

As products in the premium segment are characterised not only by their technology but also by comprehensive service, Solarwatt has extended its guarantee to include transportation costs. In addition, should modules need to be exchanged, a flat installation rate of 150 Euro as well as 25 Euro (equivalent) per module will be funded by the company. 

Extended performance warranty

While some ‘performance warranties’ actually offer no protection in the event of complete failure, Solarwatt's protects customers if panel efficiency drops under 87% after 30 years. Solarwatt’s market-leading warranty has come in for expert international praise. Pol Spronck, International Sales Manager, Solarwatt, said: “We have no doubt that our glass-glass modules last more than 30 years without noticeable loss of performance. That is why we call them 'generational modules'. Their longevity has already been proven by damp heat tests from independent testing laboratories and their requirements have been more than exceeded.”

Long lasting dual-glass solar modules

Solarwatt is the market leader in the field of long-lasting glass-glass modules, which are produced exclusively in Germany. The solar cells lie between two 2mm-thick glass panes, making them very light and at the same time extremely resilient. The two glass layers also prevent penetration by oxygen and moisture. In conventional glass-polymer modules, solar cells are protected on one side only by an EVA film. This makes them more susceptible to environmental effects, causing a steady reduction in performance.

EuPD Research has named Solarwatt solar modules ‘Top Brand Photovoltaic 2017’ for Europe for Germany, France, and the Netherlands. For its storage battery MyReserve, SOLARWATT was awarded ‘Top Brand Photovoltaic Storage 2017’.  (HCN)

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