Solarion introduces a module laminated to a piece of roofing membrane

5/25/16, 9:00 AM -

Module manufacturer Solarion is introducing the new solar module M210. The glass-foil module with solar cells made of monocrystalline silicon has a front side mounted junction box and is factory-laminated to a piece of roofing membrane.

The new M210 has a maximum power output of 210 watts.

The new Solarion PV module with an output of 210 Watt is designed for use on large, slightly sloped roofs of commercial and industrial buildings. The installation is performed easily and quickly without any additional mounting materials by the roofing company. Due to a ten centimeter wide welding seam the solar module can securely fastened by hot air welding onto PVC, EVA and TPO roofing membranes.

With an area load of about nine kilogram per square meter the system is lightweight and doesn’t require additional ballasting. The roof will not be penetrated. Compared to conventional racked modules much higher roofing area utilization can be achieved. Due to roof-parallel module orientation the solar energy yield over the day is more uniform than in conventional systems.

The module is mechanically supported by the existing roof structure which increases the module load bearing capacity in case of hail impacts or heavy snow loads. Even at low inclination angles a self-cleaning of the glass surface is ensured since there is no frame edge. (HS)