Solar module prices are dropping again

12/8/17, 2:17 PM -

After months of stagnation, the solar module prices drop again. But not all manufacturers are ready to turn the price spiral again.

In particular, Chinese manufacturers of standard polycrystalline modules are still reluctant to lower prices.
In particular, Chinese manufacturers of standard polycrystalline modules are still reluctant to lower prices.

After months of stagnation since October of this year, the trading platform for solar modules, PV Xchange, has seen falling solar module prices. The manufacturers of monocrystalline modules and black frame and black foil - the so-called all-black modules - made the beginning and lowered prices by an average of two percent. The market specialists assume that this trend will continue.

Gap between MIP and existing average market prices

Martin Schachinger, Managing Director of PV Xchange, attributes this to the free contingents that are now being thrown onto the market. "On the other hand, there is a gap between the minimum import prices published by the European Commission for October of 37 and 42 eurocents per watt and the existing average prices in the market," explains Schachinger. After all, the prices for the completely black mono modules are currently at an average of 50 cents per watt. There's still some air down.

Demand in the US is driving module prices - still

Meanwhile, the manufacturers of standard polycrystalline modules have followed suit. "Although many Tier 1 manufacturers are still gracing their prices for this year or the first months of the coming year down," says Schachinger. "They argue with production capacity and delivery bottlenecks. However, these arguments wishful thinking in the light of sluggish demand in Europe and the short-term development of international markets at the end of the year.” Schachinger refers to the decision in the US anti-dumping proceeding to introduce new tariffs for the import of Chinese modules Provide the US. This is currently having a drastic impact on the world market and US demand. For the European manufacturers, this is an ideal occasion to secure more market share. After all, since October PV Xchange has registered a price decrease of 4.9 percent for standard modules of the leading manufacturers. They are currently trading at an average of 39 eurocents per watt. (HCN)

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