Panasonic’s new HIT reaches 19.7 efficiency and gains 330 watts from 96 cells

5/27/16, 1:00 PM -

The Japan-based company Panasonic will present the new HIT module lineup at the Intersolar Europe in Munich. This includes their recent addition of HIT N325/N330. The product is already available in European markets.

The multicrystalline solar module is already available in European markets.

The module features an expanded 96-cell design, returning approximately 27 percent more power compared to other 260-watt multicrystalline modules, the Panasonic said. The product also supplies a higher energy density per square meter, achieving 19.7 percent module-level efficiency. The output of 330/325 watts, decreasing balance of systems costs for EU installers on residential and commercial installations.

Electronics giant drives the efficiency ahead

The company recently began delivering the first N325/N330 to Europe in late spring 2016. The module line up also includes the HIT N285 and N240/245 modules. In addition to their HIT module line up, the company will also be present their energy storage system and heat pumps.

The electronics giant has recently claimed a new world record. The crystalline silicone based PV module achieves of 23.8 efficiency at research level. The achievement adds to Panasonic’s world record conversion efficiency of 25.6 efficiency with for its silicon heterojunction cells in 2014. (HS)