Panasonic: Kuro HIT+ is black and 20 per cent efficient

6/26/19, 1:59 PM -

Video: As part of the pv Guided Tours 2019 at The smarter E Europe in Munich, Panasonic presented its HIT-series of PV modules.

With its heterojunction technology, Panasonic was a trendsetter. The black Kuro HIT+ series generates 335 Watt. The module has an efficiency of 20 per cent. It is just under 1.60 metres long and smaller than other products.

The new N330 with a white back sheet will be delivered from September with an output of 340 watts. Mechanically, it is identical to the Kuro. Panasonic Works in Munich gives a 25-year product warrenty on. That includes the cost for replacement.

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