Jinko presents next generation of high-efficiency solar modules

10/29/19, 2:01 PM -

At the recently concluded conference All-Energy Australia 2019, JinkoSolar have unveiled their new Tiger module with Tiling Ribbon technology.

Jinko presents next generation of high-efficiency solar panels
Is it an Eagle? Is it a Cheetah? No, it’s a Tiger!

JinkoSolar, one of the larger and more innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, have recently announced that they have officially launched a new high efficiency Tiger module using nine-busbar mono PERC and Tiling Ribbon technology. The announcement was made as part of the 2019 All-Energy Australia in Melbourne, Australia's largest national showcase of clean and renewable energy.

With a module efficiency of 20.78 per cent, the new Tiger module is capable of generating up to 460 watts of power output which is suitable for both utility and rooftop installations. JinkoSolar incorporated Tiling Ribbon technology into the new Tiger module to eliminate the inter-cell gap and increase efficiency. The new Tiger module combines a half-cut cell design to reduce cell current mismatch and ribbon power losses. In addition, nine-busbar layout shrinks the distance between the main busbar and finger grid line, which reduces the resistance loss and increases power output and efficiency.

“Our new Tiger module delivers a significantly higher power output and an easy performance boost that does not require much extra effort for customers to install,” said Kangping Chen, CEO of JinkoSolar. “This is another step forward for us in terms of technology and demonstrates our ability to innovate advanced technologies as we accelerate towards the era of grid parity.”

JinkoSolar were also one of the manufacturers involved in our 2019 pv Guided Tour on High-Efficiency Solar Modules and DC Generators at the Intersolar in Munich. (mfo)