Intersolar AWARD 2019 for Huawei, Raycatch and Jinko

5/20/19, 11:07 AM -

For their innovative efforts, Huawei, Raycatch and Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. have been named the winners of this year’s Intersolar AWARD.

SUN2000 smart PV string inverter of Huawei, one of the winners of this year Intersolar AWARD.
SUN2000 smart PV string inverter of Huawei, one of the winners of this year Intersolar AWARD.

The panel of five expert judges selected the three winners from a pool of ten finalists whose products are all responsible for making renewable energies useful, driving the energy transition forward. The winners are:

Huawei Technologies (China): Smart PV string inverter SUN2000 15-20KTL-M0 for simple installation

Huawei Technologies is a global provider of network and energy solutions based in China. Its SUN2000 smart PV string inverter enables flexible installation of large residential and commercial systems. The lightweight and compact product includes a comprehensive software package with integrated error diagnostics and an energy management system that supports trouble-free operation with or without a battery storage system.

The judges were impressed by the combination of so many useful high-end features integrated into one system. The inverter can even be combined with performance optimizers to reduce the negative impacts of shading or differing module layouts. Another highlight is the innovative AC terminal, making for easier output connection.

Raycatch (Israel): DeepSolar – automated AI diagnostics system for solar PV systems

Raycatch, a start-up founded in 2015, uses artificial intelligence technology to expertly analyze and perform accurate diagnostics on the high influx of complex data from PV systems. DeepSolar is a fully automated, AI-based diagnostic software program for cost-optimized maintenance and monitoring of photovoltaic power plants.

The judges were impressed by this next-generation tool which uses data from existing monitoring systems to optimize system performance and replaces interval-based maintenance with a cost- effective, responsive approach. And no additional hardware is required – clients provide their SCADA credentials and the system begins filtering the PV system data, detecting anomalies, and mapping failures without the need for human intervention.

Zhejiang Jinko Solar (China): Cheetah Bifacial HC Swan modules equipped with transparent back sheet

Jinko Solar is one of the world’s largest photovoltaic solar module manufacturers. It has integrated the DuPont-manufactured Swan transparent back sheet in its Cheetah Bifacial HC module for the first time, making the product lighter than the glass-glass modules traditionally used for bifacial technology. Swan combines the benefits and extra yield of bifacial technology with the simplicity and easy installation of standard glass back sheet modules.

The judges of the Intersolar AWARD were impressed by the trendsetting nature of the module concept combined with its 30- year power warranty, making the module ideal for PV power plants and optimizing it to ensure lower electricity costs.(HCN)

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