Goldbeck Solar and Astronergy realizing a 15.5-MW solar plant in the Netherlands

11/4/17, 11:03 AM -

Goldbeck Solar transfers its international solar EPC know-how to the Netherlands. In the industrial zone of Veendam, the company builds a 15.5 MW turnkey solar park. The project will be realized for Astronergy (Chint Group). Both companies increase their Dutch presence due to a growing demand.

In Veendam (Groningen region), Goldbeck Solar manages the construction of a suburban solar park with 15.5 MWp.
In Veendam (Groningen region), Goldbeck Solar manages the construction of a suburban solar park with 15.5 MW.

There are two remarkable aspects about this project: Firstly, it is the first solar farm that Goldbeck Solar and Astronergy realize together in the Netherlands. Secondly, this is a suburban solar power plant in the industrial zone of Veendam (in the Groningen region) – which has led to specific requirements concerning the plant’s design. That has been necessary to satisfy all stakeholders, and to integrate the plant properly into its surroundings.

Attractive PV market in Netherlands

“Based on the attractive subsidies for renewable energies, solar power will become a leading technology in the Netherlands, making the country an interesting market for Goldbeck Solar. Our neighboring country has decided in favor of a consequent renewable energy policy to be able to reach the goals for renewable energies stipulated for 2020”, resumes Björn Lamprecht, Goldbeck Solar’s managing director. Over the past few years, the Hirschberg-based subsidiary of the construction company Goldbeck gained lots of experience with its projects in England. Amongst others, the 50-MW project in Sandridge made headlines. Now, the solar company wants to translate its expertise to its project in the Netherlands. “We can be a partner when it comes to assisting project developers realizing the plant”, adds Lamprecht.

Inverters from Sungrow - transformers from Schneider Electric

The plant in the outskirts of Veendam will generate some 14.5 MWh each year. This output can be fed in the local public power network, supplying 4,850 households with green electricity. At the same time, that avoids almost 8,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Astronergy will supply high-quality modules. The power inverters will be obtained from Sungrow, the transformers and the transmission station from Schneider Electronic, and the substructure from MKG. Local companies from the Netherlands will perform a part of the services as well.

Further projects planned

Goldbeck and Astronergy are striving for further joint projects in the Netherlands. Astronergy has already secured further projects, which will be realized in 2018 and 2019. “In cooperation with our partners, we are planning to realize more projects in the market. For Astronergy, the Netherlands are a focus market when it comes to participate in implementing concepts to reach the goals for renewable energy. Astronergy plans to keep up its commitment in the Netherlands in the long run, as a project developer as well as a module manufacturer”, states Oliver Schweininger, managing director of Astronergy GmbH.

“In the Netherlands, further projects could be implemented in the near future”, says Lamprecht. At the moment, Goldbeck Solar is working on megawatt-size roof projects and further solar parks. But also in countries such as Spain and France, Goldbeck Solar remains active, pursuing various project initiatives. (HCN)

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