First REC Alpha solar panels installed in Italy

10/16/19, 10:54 AM -

REC Group announced the world's first installation of its new Alpha solar panels on a home near Venice, Italy. The installation was conducted in partnership with BayWa r.e.

Alpha solar modules were installed near Venice.
Alpha solar modules were installed near Venice.

REC Alpha Series solar modules are designed in a 60-cell format and offer a power of up to 380 watt-peak representing 217 watts per m². The company claims that their yield is 20% above conventional panels. The warranty guarantees 92% nameplate power output after 25 years of electricity generation,

Launch at Intersolar Europe 2019

Following their launch at the Intersolar Europe exhibition in May of 2019, the very first REC Alpha modules were delivered in June 2019 to distributors with installations beginning in July. REC Group's CEO, Steve O'Neil, said: " The world's first installation in Italy marks an important milestone as Alpha means more power in less space for everyone”.

The REC Alpha attracted immediate interest from solar installers, with initial orders coming from countries worldwide including Australia, Germany and the US. This first installation was conducted in partnership with REC Group’s Italian distributor BayWa r.e.. BayWa r.e. is working closely together with REC Solar Professionals, the firm’s endorsed and trained installers.

150 REC certified installers in Italy

In this case, Mr. Livio Gazzetta from Frigotermica Commerciale, Venice, was the chosen installer who set up the first ever REC Alpha panels on a residential home. “Mr. Gazzetta is one of our 150 REC certified installers to date, who have completed our training in Italy”, says Enrico Marin, Managing Director of BayWa r.e.’s Italian distribution business. “

Seamlessly integrated into the roof

The Alpha panel’s first installation is seamlessly integrated into the roof, producing an exquisite aesthetic for the elegantly designed and state-of-the-art modules. Furthermore, this first Venetian installation is accompanied by several complementary units such as a battery, a thermal storage system and smart home functions which can direct power from the solar panels to where it can be used best.

For example, on a sunny day energy produced on the rooftop could first be directed to the dishwasher, washing machine or air conditioning, where it is most required. Excess energy can be stored in the battery, and if it is already fully charged, any surplus energy can be stocked in the thermal storage system. „Together these features allow homeowners to maximize self-generation and derive the largest cost saving benefits from their REC Alpha panels.”, O'Neil said. (HCN)