Extended warranty conditions for Solarwatt`s glass-glass solar modules in UK and Ireland

5/12/17, 11:15 AM -

Recently Solarwatt has introduced a 30-year guarantee on both product and performance for its premium solar modules in the UK and Ireland. International Sales Manager Pol Spronck is giving an update.

Pol Spronck, International Sales Manager of Solarwatt.
Pol Spronck, International Sales Manager of Solarwatt.

pv Europe: Is there a high demand for your warranty conditions for your solar modules?

Pol Spronck: Yes, warranty conditions influence buying decisions. Solarwatt’s 30-year warranty for solar panels is a measure of our confidence in our product and, we believe, will also help build trust in the quality, reliability and robustness of our panels. Being confident in the performance of our modules over 30 years, we consider there is little risk involved in offering the warranty. The warranty underlines our position as the best, most reliable and experienced German dual-glass module manufacturer.

Are there cases where the warranty already was used?

Very limited. I recall one case in which the glass was damaged during transport. We covered that without any problems. The customer was very happy and satisfied about how Solarwatt dealt with his situation.

Do you see increased sales in UK, also Northern Ireland and Ireland of your glass-glass solar modules and synergy effects for your sales of My Reserve?

Yes, the two products are highly complementary. Our modules have again been awarded Top Brand by Eupd Research for 2017. MyReserve has won several awards again this year and has generated a lot of attention generally. This results in more inquiries for modules in packages with MyReserve, also with inverters and other components. Our clearly defined strategy sets us apart from other manufacturers and solar modules that last is part of that. MyReserve has yet to launch in the UK though that will happen soon, so the rise in sales mainly has come from increased demand for modules and inverters.

Could you enlarge your installers network and premium partners in UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland?

There is a lot interest coming from the UK which of course includes Northern Ireland, as well as from the Republic of Ireland. We are very well supported north and south of the border as BHC Distributors, are our specialist sales and service partner, takes care of all Ireland. For the UK we have recruited a new Sales Manager, Bobbie Wright because the demand has been very strong. Bobbie will support and assist existing and new partners locally. With her long-time experience in the solar industry, Bobbie will take Solarwatt to the next level in the UK.

Do you offer additional trainings for your installers and premium partners in UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland also for solar modules, PV systems -and energy storage?

With the launch of MyReserve in the UK and Ireland, more training dates will be published soon. Training is a crucial investment as our objective is delivering quality in everything rather than getting into price wars, which, as we have seen, can damage the industry.

Interview conducted by Hans-Christoph Neidlein

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