Europe`s largest PV installation with bifacial solar modules in Netherlands

7/24/17, 2:13 PM -

Tempress Systems BV, part of the Amtech Group, recently has opened Europe’s largest bifacial PV plant with bifacial solar modules in Vaasen/NL. The expected yield  is 30 percent higher than with monofacial solar panels.

The PV plant of Tempress uses bifacial n-type solar modules from Yingli.
The PV plant of Tempress uses bifacial n-type solar modules from Yingli.

Installed are n-type Panda bifacial solar modules manufactured by Yingli Solar. In contrast to standard monofacial modules, PANDA Bifacial modules generate electricity from both sides. As the rear side makes use of the reflected light from the surroundings and of diffuse light, the modules can yield up to 30 percent more energy compared to the situation when it only generates from the front side, depending on the circumstances.

Expected annual yield of more than 400 MWh

It is expected that the annual energy production of the bifacial PV plant will exceed 400 MWh. The facility contains 1428 Panda bifacial solar modules with a nominal peak power ranging from 275W to 280W each. They contain solar cells based on the n-Pert technology jointly developed by Yingli, Tempress and Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN).

Dual-glass solar panels

The bifacial solar modules have a glass front side and a glass rear side with a 30-year-linear warranty exceeding the life time of standard modules, Yingli says. The Panda bifacial modules have been independently tested for harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to salt mist, ammonia and known potential-induced degradation (PID) risk factors according to Yingli. The solar panels are equipped with n-type crystalline silicon solar cells which perform better under low light conditions than regular p-type cells.

Specially designed fixed racks

The PV plant has been developed in cooperation with Sparkling Projects and has been engineered by Schulz Systemtechnik BV who also did the installation. The modules are mounted on a fixed rack, which was specially designed for bifacial solar modules to optimize the rear side performance and are produced by Benz Alusysteme GmbH. Each module is equipped with micro inverters from AP Systems to ensure optimal energy generation and monitor the performance of each module.

SDE+ subsidy granted

The project was granted with a SDE+ subsidy from the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs to encourage the production of renewable energy in the Netherlands. Sebastiaan Masselink, independent advisor to the renewable energy industry, arranged the debt financing for this bifacial PV-solar project, which will be provided by sustainable lender ASN Bank.

Jaap Baarsma, President of industry association Holland Solar expects new PV installations of up to 1 gigawatt in the Netherlands this year. Erik De Leeuw, General Manager of Solarwatt in the Netherlands sees a growing commercial PV market as well as a growing demand for energy storage in the country. (HCN)

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