EPC company wins contract for further solar project

10/8/19, 2:07 PM -

As they are opening the 50-megawatt solar power plant in Akadyr, Kazakhstan, Goldbeck Solar are already in the starting blocks for their next project.

EPC company wins contract for further solar project
The extension of the current solar park will include both fixed and tracking systems.

Goldbeck Solar is planning an expansion at the Akadyr site with an output of 26 megawatts, which will bring the entire project to an output of almost 76 megawatts. The project was put out to tender in an auction. Ten companies were admitted to this auction, submitting a total of 60 bids, all with an output of between 10.1 and 28 megawatts. Along with Goldbeck Solar, the Russian solar system LLP was also awarded the contract.

Tobias Schüßler, COO at Goldbeck Solar, is delighted that the company won the auction at the end of September and that Goldbeck Solar can now start directly with the expansion of the Akadyr plant. “As an innovation for the project in Kazakhstan, we are planning a mix of fixed and tracking systems, each with bifacial modules,” says Schüßler.

Relying on experience

Even before the end of the auction, Schüßler was in good spirits: “Our competence speaks for us. After all, we have already implemented several projects in Kazakhstan and are very familiar with the local particularities.” Tobias Schüßler alludes to the climatic conditions and the Kazakh authorities. As previously, one of the largest challenges will be the weather conditions. Not all components can withstand the harsh temperatures of around -40 degrees Celsius in winter. For that reason, only high-quality parts are suitable for the extension. “When importing the parts, we can rely on our experience from past projects,” adds Schüssler. “We can therefore almost completely rule out project delays due to complications during import”.

Construction is scheduled for summer 2020. Until then, Goldbeck Solar will determine all the planning and logistical issues that might come up so that the smooth running of the project can be guaranteed. (mfo)