E-mobility pushes solar and energy storage in Norway

10/2/17, 2:25 PM -

Scandinavia is going solar. Sweden is booming, Finland is reporting growth – now Norway is laying a strong foundation for expansion in the PV market. Electric vehicle charging is a strong driver for solar. Solarwatt expands its presence through a partnership with the Norwegian PV specialist Klar.

There is a high demand for high quality solar modules and PV systems in Norway.
There is a high demand for high quality solar modules and PV systems in Norway.

Solarwatt has linked with Hareid-based PV specialist Klar to serve the promising Norwegian market and establish a strong competitive position for both companies. For the time the Norwegian market remains at an early stage, mostly driven by commercial building projects. Yet it is becoming clear that private households and the public sector will be a big part in future growth. Some reports suggest the PV market tripled in 2016.

Increasing demand from private households – electric vehicles as driver

“In 2017 Klar Energy AS is experiencing increased demand from private households. The market is asking for quality products and well integrated installations, especially on new buildings,” explained Ragnar Moe Tafjord, General Manager of Klar Energy AS. One factor driving change is the increased interest in and adoption of sustainable technologies, including among those who have experienced the functionality of electric vehicles. EV use has also prompted inquiries about electricity storage. “Earlier this year we established a distribution agreement with the Elnett Group and this has given us an effective access to the market – the group has some 70 electrical contractors all over Norway,” Tafjord continued.

High demand for quality

“The companies in the Elnett Group provide high-quality installations. This relationship, and our agreement with Klar Energy, means we can offer our customers high-quality products of the same high standard expected of the Elnett Group. We are already seeing positive market growth and expect further expansion in the future”, Pol Spronck, International Sales Manager of Solarwatt told pv Euroe.  "We want to be a significant player in this market in the coming years," said Morten Traaholt, CEO of Elnett Group.

“Sometimes in the early stages of a new market, quality is not the highest priority. This is changing rapidly as consumers begin to understand differences in quality among products on offer. Our mission to increase knowledge and awareness is starting to bring results. The market is increasingly better able to understand the correlation between price and quality, as is typical as markets mature“, Spronck says.

“It is not only the purchase price that matters – over time there will be more focus on product quality, lifetime, warranties and insurance.  We are sure the market will develop to expect a strong score on all those measures.” Tafjord continued.

Salt mist resistant solar modules as an advantage

“Solarwatt’s 30-year product warranty and 30-year performance warranty offer is in our view the best option available to customers. As much as anything it provides reassurance, as we know for certain these glass-glass modules will survive in the harshest conditions, especially in salt mist. This is a major advantage in Norway with its large coastal areas, which experience high wind loads with high salt concentrations. Having seen the production facility and product testing methods employed in Dresden, we are fully confident that these panels are the right choice for installation in Norway”, said Tafjord.

“In keeping with our own values, we emphasise our supplier’s comprehensive social- and environmental- friendly focus, for it’s clear that a longer product life means more time to replacement and a lower carbon footprint. Customers understand that sustainability means much more than just buying the cheapest product. For us, cooperation with Solarwatt gives us all these advantages in one package with an impressive amount of experience and professionalism”, Tafjord continued.

Ammonia resistant solar modules as another asset

“We learned from the experience of Sweden and Finland that the superior resistance against ammonia is also a great advantage in the farming community. Needless to say, Norway experiences the harshest conditions with regards to wind loads and snow loads. Solarwatt`s glass-glass panels perform extremely well in these conditions“, said Spronck.

““Consumers in Norway expect five years worry-free operation of any electrical equipment they purchase. Although the life time and worry free operation is much longer, the five-year all-risk insurance Solarwatt offers with its modules and complete systems is a real advantage both for consumers and retailers”, he continued.  

“At present we have a many upcoming projects – a lot of inquiries and public tenders. Many of them are seeking an enhanced offer including storage, and storage solutions will of course provide a greater return on the solar investment. It looks like the market is preparing for higher electricity tariffs in the future”. (HCN)

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