Contec Germany: Green roofs for PV

8/3/19, 11:14 AM -

Video: As part of the pv Guided Tours 2019 at The smarter E Europe in Munich, Contec presented a clever system to combine green roofs with PV.

Green roofs and photovoltaics are not mutually exclusive. Contec from Karlsruhe offers a system that combines the advantages of green roofs with the production of solar power. It consists of a lightweight HDPE base plate made of recycled material. It is filled with granules in which the plants grow. The thickness of the substrate layer depends on the wind loads. This clever solution explains the video of this year's PV Guided Tour.

Contec uses plants that do not grow taller than 15 centimeters. So they do not hide the modules. The water for the plants comes from a rainwater storage tank with a volume of 43 liters. This not only saves costs for the homeowner, but also relieves the sewage system of heavy rainfall.

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