By using PV: The luxury resort THE RACHA saves 120,000 liters of diesel per year

4/29/16, 1:40 PM -

Since this month THE RACHA luxury resort in Thailand is saving over 320 liters of diesel each day by using photovoltaic energy. Up until recently, energy for the 85 luxury villas was accomplished using diesel generators alone.

Let the sun shine on the panels: the solar system for fuel saving.

The island’s management pursues a sustainability concept with the aim of improving the resort’s ecological footprint and energy habits. In 2015, the management identified the DHYBRID Universal Power Platform (UPP) as a means of significantly reducing the island’s diesel consumption. Price fluctuations and other risks are associated with deliveries of fuel to the island.

Solar battery can be integrated

DHYBRID developed an energy concept for THE RACHA combining the existing energy supply system with an innovative, efficient photovoltaic system that represents the best possible investment and offers the quickest payback periods in energy management matters.

The installed independent DHYBRID UPP can be expanded if needed, integrating other renewable energy technologies – such as batteries or wind power –into the system on a step-by-step basis in the future. The ultimate level would be to use 100 per cent sustainable and climate-neutral energy supply.

The team of engineers installed and commissioned the system in just 3.5 weeks. The Solar Diesel Hybrid system has performed to the designed specs. “We have been realizing fuel savings of approximately 320 liters per day, which should result in a reduction of 295 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. We are glad to have worked with DHYBRID in our quest to be a leader in environmentally sustainable tourism”, says Daniel Lim, Managing Director of THE RACHA.

All the components create a stand-alone grid

During the construction period, the solar modules and DHYBRID Interfaces were installed, a Meteo Station with temperature, wind & irradiation sensors was implemented, the existing diesel generators were integrated into the DHYBRID UPP and, last of all, all of the components were synchronized to create a stand-alone grid. The overall system is controlled using a local DHYBRID SCADA solution and can be monitored at all times from anywhere in the world in a reliable manner using the DHYBRID WebPortal.

“This project is a perfect example for the whole business sector. Environmental technology and energy concepts for islands & tourism have become reality and definitely stand for a win-win situation for any investor. We are glad to have worked for such a forward-looking client”, says Tobias Reiner, CTO at DHYBRID Power Systems. (HS)

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