Wind park Haringvliet enhanced by PV

8/13/19, 1:55 PM -

Vattenfall are building their first hybrid power plant in southern Holland. Wind and solar working together in combination with a massive storage battery.

Wind park Haringvliet enhanced by PV
The Energy Park Haringvliet-Zuid as it will be, once it is commissioned in 2020.

50 kilometres south-west of Rotterdam, Swedish energy giant Vattenfall is currently in the process of constructing their first hybrid power plant. Once finished, the plant will be made up of wind and photovoltaics, each supported by a large battery storage unit. The wind farm was already planned last year and the preparations for construction are already underway. Commissioning of the entire plant is scheduled for the latter half of 2020.

The plant represents a considerable investment. Vattenfall is investing a total of 61 million euros in the project, which is made up of six Nordex wind turbines with a total output of 22 megawatts, a 30-hectare solar park with 38 megawatts and a battery storage facility with a storage capacity of twelve megawatts. The PV element of the project also constitutes Vattenfall's largest solar installation to date.

Constant generation over the year

Not only does the combined use of the available space promise increased efficiency per hectare, but hybrid plants such as the planned Energy Park Haringvliet-Zuid ensure less pronounced generation peaks, which results in fewer times overall without electricity being fed into the grid. In addition, the high-performance storage system compensates for weather-related yield losses and provides services such as control energy for the power grid. The BMW batteries are housed in 12 conventional shipping containers. (mfo)

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