Take-e-way provides an easy collection and transportation system for used PV modules

4/12/16, 7:00 AM -

Take-e-way from Hamburg offers its innovative PV Big Bag in order to collect used modules for the recycling process in accordance with WEEE. This foldable, cost-effective system can be provided with a large number of pieces at a very little storage space and allows large loads. The PV Big Bag can be stretched and loaded by only one person.

The new solution is easy to adopt and very cost effective.

The new solution of Take-e-way has been omitted an elaborate assembly and high loading skills. In the closed Big Bag the modules are protected against weather conditions and the staff of the recycling centres will be protected against splitters.

The modules are directly forwarded to the recycling in this Big Bag (occupational safety), where the components of the modules and the Big Bag are separated in their different raw material fractions.

The European directive WEEE

The collection and recycling of PV module waste is ruled by law and the European directive WEEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act), whose fulfilment is the condition for the legal sales for producers, distributors and importers of PV modules.

Every member state of the EU has its specific rules for the collection and the recycling of PV modules, inverters and batteries. But all national rules are based on European WEEE.

WEEE means, that the manufacturers of PV modules are responsible for a professional recycling of their modules at the end of life cycle and also have to bear the cost, which incur by the capture of the used modules at about 1,700 recycling centres, by the transportation to approved recycling plants and finally by the recycling itself.

Closed circles for the sake of the environment

The equipment of the municipal recycling yards with collection and transportation systems for waste PV modules is a cost-intensive effort for the PV industry in case you fall back on common voluminous, space-consuming and very expensive tank systems. The municipal collection centres have also quite limited stock capacities for collecting tanks for the comparatively large waste PV modules.

With this system, Take-e-way safeguarded its PV customers against an economic damage of more than 250,000 Euro already in the first weeks of the year 2016. In addition to that, the environment-circle will close if the production facilities of the renewable energies are being recycled according to resources and thus get back into the economic cycle. (HS)