Strategic partnership between Van der Valk Solar Systems and Virtuosolar

3/15/19, 2:00 PM -

Van der Valk Solar Systems and Virtuosolar have formed a strategic partnership. Both parties are confirming their joint ambition to professionalise large PV projects and accelerate the energy transition.

Strategic partnership between Van der Valk Solar Systems and Virtuosolar
The partnership will chiefly be focussing on realising roof-mounted installations.

The focus of the partnership lies on roof-mounted projects that can be realised in every country in Europe. Van der Valk Solar Systems is one of the fastest growing companies in the PV sector and develops and produces solar panel mounting materials. Virtuosolar provides ‘cutting-edge’ design software that is integrated with AutoCAD for 3D project calculations. The two organisations complement and strengthen each other, with Virtuosolar creating a special link to the technical calculations of Van der Valk Solar Systems. In addition to determining the number of panels to be mounted, string plans and shadow simulations, when planning the mounting system, Virtuosolar can also make it easy to put together lists of required materials and ballast.

“With Virtuosolar we have found an international player that will help us strengthen our position in the commercial market even more,” says Denis de Vette, Director of Van der Valk Solar Systems. “By integrating our mounting systems, installation technicians, EPCs and engineering offices profit from complete project calculations.”

"The collaboration with Van der Valk Solar Systems creates massive added value for Virtuosolar,” according to Kim Eyckmans, director of Virtuosolar. “Our customers are now capable of engineering everything from A to Z on a single platform, sparing them duplicate work. In addition, our products support each other in new markets outside the Low Countries, where Virtuosolar already has 80% of its customer base."

The partnership will officially be initiated as part of the Solar Solutions trade fair in the Netherlands, which is being held on 19 - 21 March, 2019. Both companies will also be present at the Intersolar in Munich, 15 - 17 May, 2019. (mfo)
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