Solarpower Europe unveils new tenders’ guidelines that outline best practice for new solar plants above 1 MW

7/26/16, 2:00 PM -

SolarPower Europe's tendering task force has developed new guidelines which outline best practice for tendering schemes that are easy to implement, whilst ensuring that policy objectives are reached cost-effectively.

Members of the tendering task force of Solarpower Europe, that developed best practice guidelines for solar tenders, that are required for solar plants above 1 MW in the EU by January 1, 2017.

From 1st January 2017, the EU State Aid regime for environmental protection and energy require Member States to issue tenders for the procurement of new solar plants above 1 MW.

Ensuring high-realisation rates of projects

"We believe that particular attention should be given to ensuring high-realisation rates of solar projects. Getting low prices as an outcome of an auction is only one criteria to consider a tender successful. Pre-qualification criteria and a systematic approach on penalties should also be part of the standard practice" said Jochen Hauff, Head of business development, energy industry & policy at BayWa-r.e and tendering task force leader. 

Revised Renewable Energy Directive by end of 2016

Tenders are a focal point at the European level with the European Commission expected to present a revised Renewable Energy Directive by the end of the year, the paper touches upon the potential convergence of tenders across borders: "We consider that a progressive convergence of the design parameters of national tenders should takes place first before we think about opening tenders cross-border" concluded Alexandre Roesch, Policy Director at SolarPower Europe.

Design features for each tender phase

The guidelines suggest minimum design features for each important phase of a tender - before, during and after the bids are submitted. They will be distributed to all Member States to support the use of best practice in the design of tenders. (HCN)

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