Solar advice: Reduce the electricity consumption of the building!

12/5/19, 5:00 PM -

If you want to save on electricity costs – with or without PV – you should first eliminate devices and appliances that use too much of it. These include standby devices, incandescent light bulbs and water heaters.

Modern fridges do not need much energy.

The lower your overall consumption, the greater the part of it that you will be able to cover using solar PV. This is easy to understand: Take the demand down and cover it with solar energy. And there are many spots in your home to diminish the need for electricity.

Turn off standby mode!

Many electrical devices (kitchen appliances, TVs, computers, game consoles, HiFi systems) also consume electricity when they not in use and on standby. Considering the number of electrical devices in a normal house, the standby consumption can really add up.

For that reason, such devices should – when not in use – be physically separated from the circuit by using switchable sockets. (HS)

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