Solar advice: Get the right cells for replication

7/30/19, 5:00 PM -

Modern solar cells either have five busbars or are already equipped with multiwire technology. Older panels either have two or three busbars, but such cells are rarely used in newer panels.

The number of several solar cell types is growing every year.

Replicating is particularly interesting for in-roof systems where the manufacturers are no longer able to provide panels. For instance, if a glass pane were to break due to hail, that might mean having to replace the entire solar roof.

Because cutting and delivering the glass from the manufacturer takes a certain amount of time, building the replica can require between three and four weeks. It is common to use low-iron glass that has been thermally toughened, but using prismatic glass is also possible.

It depends on the economics

Generally speaking, both in solar parks or rooftop installations, any size of glass or type of frame can be built. It is fair to say that any crystalline panel from the last ten years can be replicated. With older panels, the effort of buying in long out-dated solar cells is not worth it.

Services for replicating solar panels:
panel is replicated exactly,
data sheet is sufficient, providing an original panel is not necessary,
organising all necessary components from reliable suppliers,
providing the STC flasher measurements.

Service providers give a five-year product warranty as well as a ten-year warranty on electrical output. (HS)

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