Solar advice: Everyday measures for cleaning will not do!

12/2/19, 5:00 PM -

Solar generators do not require maintenance. This myth has been around for years, but the truth is slightly different. But it is a job for professional experts!

Cleaning solar modules is a business, no hobby in your spare time.

In most cases, household cleaning agents will not be enough to clean soiled panels. That requires demineralised, practically distilled water and special solvents which leave no residues. A solar generator can only be cleaned once they have cooled down – in the late evening or morning before the sun has become powerful.

Do not leave unsightly stains

Otherwise, the panels become too warm and the cleaning agents leave unsightly stains, which also attract more dirt. Also, shocking panels with cold water as they are exposed to the sun should be avoided at all cost. Such thermal stresses can destroy the glass as well as the solar cells. Many solar panels are covered in sensitive antireflective coatings – one more reason to leave it to the professionals. (HS)

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