Solar advice: Document the cleaning!

12/4/19, 5:00 PM -

The results of the annual and other cleaning sessions need to be logged in your installation’s documentation. At the end of the cleaning, you should recalibrate the yield data.

Put down the date and the measures for cleaning in the operational log report of the solar generator.

This will help you to see if the cleaning has actually improved the solar yield. It also allows you exclude other reasons why the yield may have been poor, such as technical defects in the wiring.

Leave the job to a trained technician

If you were satisfied with company that installed your solar generator, you should make a long-term maintenance contract with them, which should also include occasional cleaning. Quality-minded installation companies will offer that anyway, so you do not have to mark your calendar every time.

A good installation company will continuously keep an eye on the yield data of your solar generator, often remotely via the Internet. That will also show them whether dirt is becoming an issue.

Compare the yields

The spring inspection is also a good opportunity to compare the previous year’s yields to the yield forecast. Following the inspection, you and the technician might discuss over a cup of coffee, whether adding a solar battery is a good idea, or how you could use more of the solar electricity your house produces. If you have a solar installation but not yet anyone to do maintenance on it, you should urgently go out and find a company that you trust. (HS)

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