Solar advice: Correctly secure any workers on the roof!

12/3/19, 5:00 PM -

As a rule, work on the roof has to be secured by putting up netting or even scaffolding around the house. The risk for life is too high to ignore security measures.

Every work on the roof without protection is risky.

Solar generators consist of solar panels, which in turn are covered by large panes of glass. Depending on the place and environment, the glass fronts need to be cleaned – sometimes once every few years, sometimes every spring, sometimes every couple of weeks, or never at all. But there is a good reason to leave cleaning the panels to the experts: Solar panels are usually mounted to the roof.

Personal protective equipment

The cleaning worker must be secured with personal protective equipment as well as by ropes, railing, netting and sturdy ladders.

Cleaning can be done at the same time as the annual inspection in the spring, as long as the technician already has safety equipment up to check on the installation and, if necessary, replace parts.

Care for hidden defects!

Do not underestimate: Solar installations are electrical systems. If they come into contact with water in an improper way, chiefly in case of hidden defects in the plugs and wiring, there is the danger of electric shocks or short circuits. So, let an expert do it!

And another thing: Even though solar panels look robust, you should neither walk nor kneel on them. There are fragile solar cells under the covering glass plate that can easily break if the glass bends inward too much. The resulting fractures are often microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye. (HS)

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