Meteocontrol Delivers Its First Monitoring Systems For Two Turkish Solar Parks

3/31/16, 3:30 PM -

Meteocontrol has delivered monitoring solutions for two photovoltaic plants in Turkey. A meteocontrol system is now monitoring an 8.3 MW site of Hanwha Q Cells in Burdur Yarisli in southwestern Turkey. The second PV system, with total capacity of 2.1 MW, is near Korkuteli, a city located about 100 kilometers northwest of Antalya.

The solar power plant at Burdur Yarisli.

The monitoring solutions offered are designed in line with PV plant requirements and specific customer wishes. Experienced Meteocontrol engineers configure the monitoring systems, check for potential on-site wiring problems and resolve any issues that may arise.

The PV power plant in Burdur was completed in November 2015 by Hanwha Q Cells Turkey after just two and a half months of construction. With total capacity of 8.3 MW, it is one of Turkey's biggest PV systems.

The approximately 128,600 square meters free-field system is expected to feed about 13,467 MWh of clean energy into the grid each year – enough to supply power to around 2,700 average Turkish households.

Ten data loggers and string monitoring implemented

Ten data loggers from Meteocontrol’s Weblog series, as well as string monitoring stations, are in operation. Weblog data loggers dependably monitor and control photovoltaic systems and comply with legal regulations and standards.

The loggers collect all system data and store it centrally. This data is also quickly transmitted through various interfaces for evaluation with the monitoring system’s Virtual Control Room (VCOM).

Remote monitoring for power plant in Korkuteli

Meteocontrol has also announced the implementation of remote monitoring at the 2.1 MW solar park near Korkuteli. The contract called for the complete installation of the PV monitoring solution, including the string current monitoring based on string monitoring stations. Work was completed in 2015.

The solar park is managed by the Bluelog X-6000 equipped with two expansion modules. The new generation of data loggers offers functions like the live access of Safer Sun and VCOM to the Bluelog.

Other benefits include cost savings from system modularity, time-saving commissioning facilitated by a quick-start assistant, reduced capital commitments thanks to efficient warehousing, and increased data security based on encryption. (HS)