GTM Research ranks SMA best PV monitoring provider with Sunny portal

5/13/16, 10:00 AM -

The PV monitoring solution Sunny Portal from SMA is by far the largest online portal for PV systems, according to a new GTM Research analysis of the global PV monitoring market, trends and providers.

SMA has implemented up-to-date technology to control the PV systems.

For the first time SMA also ranked number one in the field of medium-sized PV systems from 20 kW to 1 MW. The comparative study “Global PV Monitoring 2016–2020: Markets, Trends and Leading Players” shows that, with 15.1 GW of PV power monitored worldwide, SMA is the leader in the list of the 50 largest PV monitoring providers.

Monitoring gains more importance

In the area of commercial PV systems between 20 kW and 1 MW, SMA has reached a level of 8.1 GW thanks to strong growth, securing it the top spot for the first time. SMA has also maintained its first place in the industrial PV system segment (1 MW to 5 MW).

The right solution for online PV system monitoring of every type and size SMA offers customers the proper monitoring solution for every PV system. Sunny Portal, in combination with the monitoring solution Sunny Portal Professional Package, is the optimum solution for professional monitoring of multiple systems. The community portal Sunny Places enables system owners to monitor their PV system, compare and exchange information with each other.

An important service for the digitization of the electricity supply

“Over 100 GW of PV power monitored by the top 50 throughout the world, an amount that is only increasing, shows how important the issue of monitoring has become in PV, particularly in light of the increasing digitization of the electricity supply,” commented Detlef Beister, Business Development Manager Residential at SMA. “With the new SMA Energy Services, SMA is making a significant contribution here by providing customers from the energy industry with anonymous, up-to-date power data from the SMA online platforms so they can integrate PV into the grid more easily.

SMA facilitates the preparation of region-specific solar power extrapolations and forecasts, better marketing of electricity generated, a reduction in the demand for reserve power and effective bottleneck management. (HS)

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