We Are Going To Open New Markets For Solar Power!

2/24/16, 4:04 PM -

PV Europe is the English speaking channel of the leading B2B platform on solar power in the German business region in Central Europe. Our target groups are solar installers, planners, architects, distributors and engineers. From today on we deliver daily B2B guides, product news, videos and a weekly newsletter.

This rooftop solar power generator provides 370 kilowatts. It was installed in Vestby, Norway, on the rooftop of a commercial centre.

Our main B2B topics are:

-          generation of solar power from rooftop and ground mounted plants,
-          self-consumption in buildings, in commercial and industrial branches and in public service,
-          storage of electricity and smart grids,
-          e-mobility and new products for clean energy supply.

We open markets that will follow the way and the experiences of the pv market in Central Europe. Germany, Austria and Switzerland lead the technology. New markets for private or commercial prosumers and large scale pv applications (industrial and ultility scale) will soon be rising – all over Europe.

From the lab to the roofs and the fields

Germany is the lab to develop and test new products in pv, storage and self-consumption. We offer these products and ideas to the upcoming markets in Europe. Do you want to benefit from this source? Then join us! The well-known quality of our B2B information services and channels will help to push the door open – for wider application of pv in young markets.

Permanently we observe the market development in the EU-States, in Norway and Turkey. We offer firsthand information on technology and its application. Our platform will provide latest product news for B2B target groups in the different regions of the continent.

Your number one source

The combination of number one pv information source in the German markets with the new English channel PV Europe is an outstanding opportunity to support distribution of pv and storage products in new markets in Europe.

These are the fields of our pv Europe channel:

markets & money (market trends, subsidies, feed-in tariffs, politics)
solar generator (solar panels, inverters, grid connection)
planning & operation (planning, operation, maintenance and repair)
installation (mounting on rooftop and facades, ground mounting)
energy storage (lead, lithium, redox flow, others)
power & heat (self consumption of solar electricity in buildings and commercial use, smart home systems)
e-mobility (charging stations, wallboxes and mobile storage in automotive).

(Heiko Schwarzburger, editor-in-chief)