UK: Slowdown of new PV installations – only 16 MW added in July 2016

8/30/16, 2:00 PM -

According to UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) new PV installations decreased from 78 MW in July 2015 to 16 MW in July 2016.

PV installations in UK slowed down substantially.

In June 2016 28 MW new photovoltaic systems have been installed in UK. At the end of July 2016 overall UK solar PV capacity was 10.799 MW across 892,817 installations. This is an increase of 29% (2,423 MW) compared to July 2015.

23 percent systems up to 4 kW

To date, 50% (5,403 MW) of total installed solar PV capacity comes from large scale installations greater than 5 MW, with 23% (2,450 MW) coming from small scale 0 to 4 kW installations. At the end of June 2016 (end Quarter 2), 53% of capacity (5,669 MW) came from ground-mounted or standalone solar installations.

Rush in march before RO closing

Within the last 12 months, the largest increase in PV capacity in UK occurred in March 2016 (884 MW), just before the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme was closed to (non grace period) 50 kW to ≤ 5 MW installations and before the final closure of the RO to grace period > 5 MW sites. Of the increase in capacity seen that month, 60% (531 MW) was seen in > 5 MW installations, as Mercom Capital records in its recent Solar Report. (HCN)

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