Solarwatt intensifies its successful cooperation with Finland`s largest distributor

2/9/18, 2:03 PM -

Solarwatt is intensifying its presence in the growing Finnish PV market. The company expands its partnership with Onninen Oy, Finland’s largest distributor. New services for solar installers are offered.

Mikko Jokinen, Category Manager, Commerce, at Onninen, tests the strength of Solarwatt panels on a new veranda with his more than 100kg frame.
Mikko Jokinen, Category Manager, Commerce, at Onninen, tests the strength of Solarwatt panels on a new veranda with his more than 100kg frame.

Finland is fast catching on to the benefits of solar PV and sales of high-quality systems and components are on the rise as international suppliers compete to serve the growing market. Finland has doubled its installed capacity in the past two years and this is expected to double again in 2018. Onninen has been a premium partner of Solarwatt since 2016.

Growing understanding of quality

“A lack of experience and education in this young market combined with easy availability of modules has resulted in some inferior products coming to market. However, with a strengthening market has come a better understanding of quality. There is also a growing sense that it will be difficult to hold manufacturers from the Far East to their warranty promises”, Pol Spronck, Solarwatt International Sales Manager says. 

Onninen has recognised the growth potential of premium brands offering quality products and expects 2018 to be a very good year in its partnership with Solarwatt. Onninen visited the PV manufacturer’s Dresden manufacturing plant and undertook a three-day training session on Solarwatt’s MyReserve batteries, installing three of the award-winning units in 2017. Onninen is part of the building and technical trade division of Kesco Group, the building and technical trade market leader in Finland and Europe's fifth-biggest operator in the sector. The building and technical division operates chains in nine countries, with retail sales of €4.4 billion. Combined with K-retailers, the division employees more than 18,000 professionals.

Attractive incentives also for self-consumption

Awareness of solar photovoltaic systems is increasing among end users. Finland has a 25% grant scheme for businesses that invest in PV, and installation costs are subsidised for homes. Domestic customers undertaking smaller installations for self-consumption are also exempt from grid fees and some electricity taxes.

Winter conditions in Finland can be severe, with heavy snowfalls. Sturdy panels are extremely important to ensure proper functioning for the decades that manufacturers promise their panels will last. “Solarwatt glass-glass panels especially perform extremely well. Although the initial cost is higher, they bring maximum benefit in terms of energy production and return on investment over the life time of the panels.  They can also withstand the highest snowloads and hailstone impact”, Spronck says. And while temperatures in Finland are not very high, this is favourable for PV electricity generation. 

 Arto Koivisto, Director, Energy & Heating Products at Onninen Oy, said: “We really appreciate the positive partnership approach and superior quality that Solarwatt brings. It enables us to stand out from the competition and offer the next generation solar modules.”

New online shop with benefits for installers

 “We see demand growing strongly for quality products and are pleased to be exhibiting the German-made modules at Sähkö TeleValoAv on 7-9 February. Our 200 sq m stand provides a great showcase for SOLARWATT solar panels as we expect to supply a lot in 2018”, Koivisto said.

 “Our new Onnshop e-commerce site allows installers to send in orders easily. This further optimises the sales process and we expect it to generate increased sales of Solarwatt modules. So far it has exceeded all our expectations.” Onninen has 51 physical retail outlets in Finland as well.

Solarwatt is linking with Onninen to organise joint events in the first half of 2018 to train installers, Spronck announced. (HCN)

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