Solar market in Spain gaining speed again

12/29/16, 2:15 PM -

There are promising signs for the revival of the Spanish solar market. Until coming June 3 GW of renewables will be auctioned. It is also expected that the legal framework for the residential market and self-consumption will improve.

David Hanek, Product Manager Solar Energy at Fronius (left) in Algerri.

Recently the Spanish government released details on the coming auction in the first half of 2017. It will be technology neutral and include solar PV. The most efficient projects will be awarded. To ensure the completion of the projects deposits will be mandatory. Goal is to reach Spain`s 2020 renewable objectives of 20 percent, specified by the European Union. The coming auction will be the first national program for PV since 2012, when the feed-in-tariffs for new installations have been lifted. Last year`s renewable auction only included wind energy and biomass.

Improved legal framework expected

The new EU energy package, that was released in December also includes encouraging rules for the further growth of the Spanish PV market. The rights of the prosumers in the EU are strengthened, retroactive punitive measures for PV are prohibited and the renewable objective is raised to 27 percent of total energy consumption by 2030. Rainer Sattlberger,  CEO of Fronius Spain is quite optimistic, that the new minority government will improve the conditions for residential installations including self-consumption. “Although those topics are still under discussion and not decided yet”, Sattlberger told pv Europe last week. He is also reporting a growing market for micro-grid PV systems in Spain.

Planned solar project with 3,8 Cents/kWh

End of November Baywa r.e. announced a new Spanish PV project with an offered electricity price of 3,8 Eurocents/kWh. Middle of December Baywa r.e. expanded its Spanish operations. The company has entered into further service contracts with asset and investment manager KGAL for the ongoing operation and maintenance of five solar plants.

Companies increasing their presence

Also other companies are increasing their presence and collaboration in Spain. Recently Swedish based engineering and consulting company ÅF acquired the energy division of engineering company ARIES Ingeniería y Sistemas. Middle of December London based Solar International Group took over the Catalan manufacturer Tamesol. The Girona based company has been manufacturing solar panels and systems for more than 12 years and operating in more than 30 countries.

German based wholesaler Krannich Solar is also enhancing its activities in Spain, as Anita Hartmeyer, Head of Marketing told pv Europe. “We see Spain of number four of the European PV markets”, she said. Further companies who are expanding their solar operations in Spain are Meteocontrol and Deger. (HCN)

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