Solar expansion in Nordic countries

12/14/18, 2:03 PM -

Solar is advancing strongly in the Nordic countries. An increasinlgy interesting PV and storage market is evolving, especially for quality oriented system solutions and products.

Nordic Countries like Sweden are promoting solar PV.
Nordic Countries like Sweden are promoting solar PV.

Solarwatt is advancing strongly in the Nordic countries and has appointed a new sales manager to consolidate and build on the company’s market position in the region. This continues the expansion and sales strategy in Northern Europe. Cooperation agreements with sales partners have been launched in UK/Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Solarwatt is already active in Great Britain with a growing team. In the Scandinavian countries, the company also plans to have its own sales personnel to support partners on site. Patrik Larsson joins Solarwatt as Sales Manager, Nordics, to serve fast-growing demand for the company’s premium-quality product offering in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

PV plus storage popular

Interest in renewable energy for homes and businesses is growing across the Nordic region, spurred by economics, environmental concerns and the arrival of safe, efficient energy storage systems. Consumers are seeking to protect household budgets from rising electricity prices by combining rooftop solar PV modules with batteries, storing electricity generated by day for use in the evening and overnight.

Sweden: 30% subsidy for PV modules - 60% for batteries

Harsher climates and lower temperatures in the region underline the need for quality, long-lasting systems that can withstand strong winds and heavy rooftop snowloads. Solarwatt premium glass-glass modules account for 90% of the company’s module sales in the region. The modules come with a 30-year warranty covering both product and performance. Government incentives also have a role – household users and businesses in Sweden receive a 30% subsidy for PV modules and 60% for batteries.

Solar and storage is increasingly popular in Sweden.

100% renewable electricity by 2040

In addition to the proven glass-glass modules and the EnergyManager, MyReserve batteries are also sold in Northern Europe. Detlef Neuhaus, CEO of Solarwatt, said: “The demand for efficient photovoltaic solutions continues to grow. People in the Scandinavian countries in particular are very environmentally aware. Sweden, for example, wants to generate one hundred percent of its electricity from renewable energies as early as 2040 – and they are well on their way to achieving this goal." According to Neuhaus, electric mobility is already an important driver in these regions to focus more on renewable energy sources.

Optimistic outlook

“This is a great time to be joining Solarwatt – the company’s market-leading systems really appeal to the very discerning customer base across the region,” said Patrik Larsson, who joins from Rexel. “I’m very excited by what we’re seeing in this market.”

“It's looking really positive for us in the Nordics,” said Pol Spronck, Head of Selected Markets International. “We’re heading to greatly increase our progress this year and expect to see similar growth rates the next year in these markets. We have really loyal partners providing great service and support – so it’s a combined effort. The response from our partners and customers has been terrific and underlines our remarkable international growth.

“Patrik will be focusing on helping our partners to achieve their goals and grow even faster with Solarwatt. With his extensive experience in the industry I am fully confident this strategy is in good hands. I look forward to working closely with him as the head of this business unit.”

PV rooftop installation in Sweden.

Growing partner network

Installers’ certifications are well underway. Since last year, Solarwatt has been building up an extensive partner network in the new markets and holding roadshows and training courses on site. In Northern Europe as in all markets, only those who are certified for the installation of Solarwatt products are allowed to install and commission them. The Dresden-based company is consistently focusing on the sale of complete photovoltaic systems for its expansion.

Efficient PV systems crucial

Detlef Neuhaus added: "Because the sun does not shine as frequently in the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavian countries as in southern Europe, it is particularly important here that all components of the PV system are perfectly coordinated and work together efficiently. This is one of our greatest strengths. And that's why we as a system provider see great opportunities here, which we want to capitalise on with a strong team." (HCN)

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