Solar advice: Protect your investment by monitoring!

10/31/19, 5:00 PM -

Product liability and warranty apply to the properties of a product and possible defects. 

System monitoring is the base for inspection and maintenance.

This includes proper documentation with all of the necessary permissions and signatures. Regular inspections and maintenance of the technical components are also essential, because most defects become noticeable fairly quickly.

But if there is not a professional system of monitoring, no one will notice a defect. It is not unusual for issues to be noticed too late – or not at all – when the manufacturer’s product liability and warranty are no longer valid.

Track the operational data

Monitoring works via internet. The operational data from the inverter and the solar battery will be tracked and provide an alert in case of malfunction or decreasing yield. One or some modules may be defect or dirty by dust or sand. An animal may have bitten the cables, or the rain crawled into the connectors.

Checking the correct operation of your solar system is essential for your economic success – feeding in the grid or self-consumption. In case of problems an expert can go there and find out, whether to change defect components or repair it. (HS)

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