New incentives for PV in Italy

12/8/18, 11:02 AM -

Declining costs, new incentives and ambitious EU-goals for renewables are driving the Italian PV market. A good time to join Forum Italia Solare, December 11 in Rome.

Forum Italia Solare 2018 gives an unique overview about the fast growing Italian PV market.
Forum Italia Solare 2018 gives an unique overview about the fast growing Italian PV market.

The scenario for Italian photovoltaics has improved drastically compared with the last few years, thanks to the way technology has become economically competitive against other energy sources in a way that even five years ago seemed almost impossible to imagine. On top of that, the European Commission has adopted ambitious goals for the development of renewables by 2030 – forecasting a jump in Italian photovoltaic capacity from the current 20 GW to 68 GW in just 12 years. That means more than tripling the current installed capacity and producing up to 80 TWh from PV by 2030, equivalent to a quarter of national electricity demand in 2017.

4 GW of new PV yearly

These are not easy targets to achieve, however: they assume installing 4 GW of new PV plants each year – compared to an average clip of 400 MW of late – without considering any loss of existing plants. At the end of September, during a meeting with stakeholders, the Undersecretary of the Italian Ministry for Economic Affairs Davide Crippa announced plans to raise the budget for the development of new renewable energy installations to €900 million by 2020.

Extra incentive for the replacement of asbetos roofs

The incentives will be set out in an upcoming Decree and will support the installation of 6 GW of new plants (mainly solar PV) with the aim of adding at least 10 TWh per year of green electricity to the grid by 2020. A total of 700 MW of new solar PV installation will be reserved for the replacement of asbestos roofs with an extra incentive of 12€/MWh. The decree is set to be published in the Official Journal by the end of 2018.It’s a clear signal of the potential for a new era for solar PV in Italy.

Forum Italia Solare 2018 is providing a unique overview

To better understand the emerging Italian solar context, Italia Solare is organizing the Forum Italia Solare 2018 to be held in Rome on December 11.The event will provide a unique networking platform for companies investing and doing business in the Italian solar PV market, which is characterized by two legislative frameworks: Energy sharing for small and medium PV power plants and auctions and land use for utility scale PV power plants.

While both frameworks are envisaged by the National Energy Strategy and the new EU RED 2018, there are several aspects to discuss and address if we are to enable the sustainable development of new installations and meet national and international targets for RES electricity fed into the grid. The participation at Forum Italia Solare 2018 is free of charge. (HCN)

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