Middle East: Over 4 GW of solar to be tendered in 2016 – Intersolar Middle East as platform for new business opportunities

8/11/16, 2:00 PM -

Middle East Solar Association’s (MESIA) annual outlook forecasts over 4 GW of solar tenders for this year. Intersolar Middle East that will be held in Dubai between September19th-21st 2016 offers business opportunities in this growth region.

Intersolar Middle East will open its doors September 19th-21th in Dubai.

4,020 MW of solar projects will be tendered in 2016 in seven MENA countries according to MESIAs recent annual outlook. Number one is Algeria with 2,000 MW followed by UAE with 1,150 MW, Egpyt 250 MW and Morocco with 245 MW.

2,84 GW solar projects under execution

2,870 MW of solar projects are currently under execution, led by Egypt with 1,800 MW and followed by Morocco with 350 MW and Jordan with 320 MW. 693 MW solar plants have been operational by the end of 2015, led by Algeria with 270 MW. Second was Morocco with 160 MW, third UAE with 128 MW.

Lower levelized costs of solar

The numbers disclosed by MESIA include photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP). The seven most promising MENA countries listed are Morocco, Algeria, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. MESIA forecasts an increasingly lower levelized costs of solar power in the region as driving factors for further market growth.

Over $3,5 billion spent on regional solar projects in 2015

“Solar PV projects becoming profitable proposition, countries across MENA have been incentivized to launch an increasing number of PV programs to support a booming electricity demand,” Dr. Toufic Hawat, Research Director Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) said. Over €3.5 billion have been already spent on regional solar projects in 2015.

Global Leaders`s Summit at Intersolar Middle East

Intersolar Middle East, that will be held in Dubai between September19th-21st 2016 surely will offer promising business opportunities in this growth region. More than 200 world leaders, including energy ministers from UAE, Jordan, and Egypt are set to attend the Global Solar Leaders’ Summit during Intersolar Middle East. (HCN)

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