Leaders of our industry: Willemijn Davidson of Van der Valk

5/22/20, 5:00 PM -

Every week we introduce you to one of the movers and shakers of some of the leading companies in the solar and renewables industries:

Leaders of our industry: Willemijn Davidson of Van der Valk
Willemijn Davidson, 31, Marketing & Communications Manager at Van der Valk Solar Systems, has been with Van der Valk since 2019

Last week you got to meet Steffen Wiedmann of Axitec. Now it is the turn of Willemijn Davidson of Van der Valk Solar Systems to answer our questions:


1. How are you personally – and as a company – coping with the corona crisis?

Our company has taken precautions and following the guidelines of our government. We’re active in 13 countries, so each country is affected in a different way, luckily we can still operate. Office workers are working from home as much as possible. I stay connected with colleagues through Microsoft Teams and with friends & family with FaceTime!


2. What are you enthusiastic about, apart from your company?

As a marketing professional, I’m always keen to learn more about marketing. That’s why I’m studying for my Marketing MSc. Being able to translate my studies to real-life situations makes me enthusiastic!


3. What social media account or podcast makes your life better?

My favourite podcast is “How I built this”. They interview the founders of all kinds of big companies. They talk about their ups & downs and how they made their company into a success.


4. Whom would you like to meet/have met?

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of “Lean In”.


5. If you could change one thing in the world – other than the corona crisis, of course – what would it be?

To keep this answer a little light-hearted; I would like to see the traffic jams disappear! That’s one benefit from working from home; no traffic jams.


6. What aspect of your company’s work are you most proud?

Because of the easy communication & cooperation (even when they work in a different country) between colleagues, errors are unlikely to be made, and we can easily come up with a solution or an idea for improvement for an existing product or come up with a new product. Everyone is equal in our company, and everyone can share their ideas. (mfo)