Jordan drives solar energy and sustainable development – 2 GW PV and wind projects under construction

12/8/16, 9:25 AM -

With 2 GW of solar and wind projects under construction Jordan is one of the renewable hotspots in the MENA region.  The EU and EBRD now provided a €30 million grant for solar powered water pumping stations across the country.

Jinko Solar provided its Eagle modules, that are designed for long-term reliability in harsh climates for the 23.1 MW PV plant Falcon Ma´an in Jordan.

Currently 97 percent of the Jordanian energy supply is covered by imports of crude oil and natural gas. Additionally, water poverty is threatening the country covered by large deserts. With a population of 10 million the country hosts 2.5 million refugees in total, alone 1.5 million from Syria.

10 percent renewables by 2020

In 2010 the Jordanian government decided a green growth economy. In the energy sector renewable energies are expected to reach 10 percent by 2020. 2 gigawatts of solar and wind projects are currently under construction. Jordan has the fifth largest solar radiation worldwide and a great wind wealth.

Jinko`s Eagle series modules for 23.1 MW PV plant

Last week Falcon Ma`an solar plant has been connected to the grid. With 23.1 MW, it is one of the largest PV installations in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia based Desert Technologies, Italian based Enerray and Seci Energia have realized the project together with their local partner Catalyst Private Equity. It has been financed und the Seven Sisters renewable programme by World Bank`s International Finance Corporation. Modules (Eagle Series) have been provided by Jinko Solar, medium voltage inverters by SMA. Enerray recently also accomplished 10 MW Shamsuna PV project in Aqaba.

EBRD supports solar powered water pumping

In November the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) provided a US$ 54 million loan for the construction of a 60.3 MW PV power plant in the King Hussein Bin Talal development area of the Mafraq region in north Jordan. The project was the winning bidder in Jordan’s second solar tender, offering the lowest tariff of 6.14 US-Cents/kWh. Now the European Union and EBRD provided another €30 million grant to help the Water Authority of Jordan construct a photovoltaic system to power three to five water pumping stations across the country. The increased demand for water and wastewater resources also brings higher demand for electricity, which represents up to 60 per cent of operating costs for water services.

Biogas from food waste recycling plant

In addition, the EBRD is extending a loan of up to €7.5 million to the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), while the EU Delegation in Jordan is contributing €5 million in grants to help build a waste-to-energy plant in the Al-Shaer solid waste transfer station. The plant is expected to produce up to 9 million cubic metres of biogas per year from food waste, recycling approximately 11 per cent of the organic waste collected. The plant’s yearly capacity for energy generation, estimated at up to 25,000 MWh,

Renewable technologies for sustainable development

Heike Harmgart, Head of the EBRD Resident Office in Jordan, said: “The EBRD is committed to helping Jordan upgrade its municipal infrastructure services to improve the daily lives of Jordanians and refugee communities alike. The Bank promotes the adoption of renewable technology for a more sustainable use of scarce resources. This work can become a model for other projects in the Jordanian municipal sector.”

Hans-Josef Fell underlines Jordan`s pioneering role

At the third International Investment Forum for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (IIFREE), that concluded yesterday in Amman, Hans-Josef Fell, President of the Energy Watch Group underlined the pioneering role of Jordan for the adaption of solar energy and sustainable development in the region. Solar also has a great potential helping greening deserts through agrophotovoltaics and to desalinate seawater, Fell stressed. (HCN)

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