Innogy successful in Polish solar auction

1/14/20, 11:49 AM -

Innogy SE is diversifying its renewables portfolio in Poland: along with its strong footprint in onshore wind, the company has successfully entered the Polish solar market.

Innogy is developing its solar portfolio in Poland.
Innogy is developing its solar portfolio in Poland.

In addition to its first Polish photovoltaic project Stawiec, Innogy moved a step closer to implementing 42 additional ground-mounted solar farms by winning a governmental tender from the Polish Energy Regulatory Office, supporting renewable energy projects (remuneration scheme: Contract for Difference) with up to one megawatt (MW).

42 awarded projects with 42 MW

Thorsten Blanke, Head of Solar Power at Innogy: "A couple of years ago we decided to develop our own solar projects in order to diversify our Polish renewables portfolio. Now we can reap the benefits of our efforts. The awarded projects are smaller in size but grouped into clusters in order to optimise construction and further operations. They are the initial step towards developing a solar business in Poland. We are delighted to have secured a sizeable solar development pipeline. In addition to the projects we have been awarded which are ready to be built, the majority of remaining projects from this pipeline are at a stage of advanced development and will be ready for auction next year or the year after."

The 42 awarded projects have been developed by Innogy Renewables Polska. These ready-to-built projects with a total installed capacity of 42 MW are located in the Voivodships West Pomerania, Pomerania and Greater Poland. Construction works are anticipated to start this year. It is planned to construct some of the projects on an extremely light substructure, called PEG, which reduces electricity generation costs and utilises the available space far more efficiently than conventional designs. This innovative substructure was developed by innogy's subsidiary Belectric.

Strong combination of solar and wind investments

Poland is an important core market for Innogy. The company operates eight onshore wind farms with a total installed capacity of more than 240 MW in the country. The wind farms are located in four regions: Nowy Staw is close to the city of Gdańsk, Opalenica in the region of Poznan, Krzecin and Tychowo in Western Pomerania. The wind farms Suwalki, Piecki and Taciewo are located in close proximity to another in Podlachia in north-eastern Poland. At the beginning of 2019 Innogy commissioned the solar farm Stawiec (0.6 MW) next to its operating onshore wind farm Nowy Staw. Furthermore, Innogy is currently constructing the 33-MW Zukowice onshore wind farm in Lower Silesia. The wind farm is expected to be commissioned this year. (HCN)