High demand for services for existing large scale PV installations in UK - Suncycle and Cobalt Energy join forces

10/4/16, 2:00 PM -

The British engineering service provider Cobalt Energy Ltd. and the German service company Suncycle GmbH founded a new service provider in UK. Suncycle Ltd. offers icomprehensive operating and maintenance services for PV systems as well as all services for after sales management of solar components. 

Suncycle sees a high demand for O&M and other services for large scale PV systems in the UK and founded a new service provider together with Cobalt Energy.

Suncycle Ltd. harnesses the regional experience of the British Cobalt Energy in the fields maintenance and operational management. Furthermore, the enterprise uses service processes, repair procedures and testing technologies that have been developed and that are internationally provided by Suncycle GmbH since its foundation in 2007. Among them the CTU lab and the mobile electroluminescence measurement device CTU FlexEL that allows electroluminescence measurements in daylight. Hence, it is possible to diagnose problems as PID at an early stage and to heal them subsequently in order to reduce output losses and repair costs.

Combined knowledge and methods

John Davies, managing director of Suncycle Ltd.: “By means of the combined knowledge and the methods and measurement procedures of Cobalt Energy and Suncycle our maintenance and repair teams are able to detect and heal defects at an early stage. This helps us to sustainably minimise risks for investors and to optimise the output of solar power systems. But Suncycle Ltd. does not confine itself only to the subject O&M. It offers service ranging from receiving customer complaints through to the complete complaint processing for manufacturers.”

PV boom within the last years causes high service demand

In the British market many systems are at the end of their warranty period. From Suncycle’s standpoint this will lead to a clearly high demand for service performances in the coming years. Dr. Mischa Paterna, managing director of the mother company Suncycle GmbH: „Great Britain experienced a real photovoltaic boom. Many large-scale systems were installed contemporaneously, deadlines defined the completion of the systems and resources were scarce. While selecting components and installing the systems the main focus was not always put on quality. That means the risk of damage will not decline in future.”

Suncycle Ltd. will present its services for the British market at the Clean Energy Live fair in Birmingham until this Thursday, 6th October, booth G16. (HCN)

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