France is making speed with its energy transition: new tenders announced – 20 GW PV by 2023

7/8/16, 2:15 PM -

France is aiming to triple its PV capacity by 2023. Energy minister Segolene Royal announced the introduction of various new solar tenders to hit 10.2 GW by 2018 and up to 20.2 GW by 2023. Industry association SolarPower Europe sees burgeoning solar business opportunities.

Several solar energy storage projects of the French tender program will be implemented in Corsica.

Special tenders were announced for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) with 450 MW until 2018. Another tender is planned for self-consumption, specifically for commercial and industrial projects and agriculture. For ground mounted systems 1 GW will be announced annually until 2023.

Strong signal to invest in solar

“The recently announced solar tenders will certainly boost the French solar market and solidify its position as a top European PV market”, James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe commented for pv Europe. “These tenders mark a new chapter in which we expect to see a burgeoning French solar sector, covering various sectors such as, BIPV, self-consumption and ground-mounted PV. The French environment and energy minister, Segolene Royal, has sent a strong signal to invest in solar through these tenders, and thus we see France as leading the way on solar in Europe today"

SolarWorld reports good business in France

„The French PV market is one of the most interesting markets for SolarWorld“, Vera Mikosch, General Manager of SolarWorld France told pv Europe. She stressed on the good distribution network SolarWorld has in France. SolarWorld modules would also benefit from their high carbon footprint ranking as one of the criterions of the solar tenders. „We succeeded in acquiring several supply contracts for bigger projects in the current financial year. Growth drivers were above all our poly Modules – Made in Germany”, Mikosch reported.

39 MW solar energy storage tender for SunPower

The big winner of the tender for solar and energy storage in the France`s non interconnected-zones (ZNI) was so far SunPower. The company announced that it was it was selected to provide 39.1 MW, this counts for 76 percent of this tender program with 51.8 MW, that has been already started in May 2015. Together with local partners SunPower will develop and build five solar power installations in Corsica and the French West Indies. (HCN)

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